We've got some great gaming opportunities at RodCon! Check out this year's options below. 

Play to Win Games

Come play some tabletop games for an opportunity to win one!  With support from Double Exposure's Envoy Program, local gaming group Friendly Meeple will be hosting play to win games.  Stop by and play a game and your name will be entered into a drawing to win that game at the end of RodCon.  Winners will be announced during the adult costume contest.  To find out more about Friendly Meeple, visit their facebook page.  


Double Exposure Inc. Envoy Program

Magic Tournament

Dark Vassal Gaming will be running a Magic: The Gathering draft.  Check-in by 11:30 a.m. Drafting begins at noon. Entry for the tournament is $25. The draft format is an easily accessible format for anyone. If you know the basics of Magic: The Gathering, you can play! No need to bring a deck of your own! Dark Vassal Gaming will have a table set up to teach how to play before the event! 

Dark Vassal Gaming


Panther Esports

panther esports logoPanther Esports players, members, and executives will be playing some casual games and giving out merch! Panther Esports is the University of Northern Iowa's gaming organization and has exciting events planned year-round. Including a Rocket League tournament in late April. Join the Panther Esports Discord their other socials on the Panther Esports link tree.



Dungeons and Dragons

Join the Holmes Jr. High Dungeons & Dragons club for character-building and a short adventure.

Panther Table Top Gaming Group

Join the Panther Table Top Gaming Group as they work with Friendly Meeple in the Table Top Play To Win Game area.


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