Hogwarts Potions Class Demo 

Join the Hogwarts Potions Class for a Demonstration of Magical Proportions! See color-changing solutions and other astounding spells produced by the Wizards from the student affiliates of the American Chemical Society (ACS). The demonstration begins at 11 a.m. on the Stage.

Swordfighting Club Demo 

See the UNI Swordfighting Club (Belegarth Medieval Society) to learn this full-contact, fun, easy-to-learn game of medieval/fantasy-style combat using foam-padded weapons outside on the west side of the Library.

The Magic of Superheroes by The Amazing Zeon                                                                                

Be prepared to be filled with awe and wonder while witnessing the magical stylings of The Amazing Zeon. This all ages magic show will take place on the stage at 1pm, following the kid’s costume contest.

So You Want to Be a Stormtrooper?

We’ve all seen Star Wars...and you’ve probably wondered, “What if I could be a part of it?” A long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away, a group of fans got together and started one of the largest fan groups the world has ever seen. You’ve probably seen members of the 501st at movie premieres, festivals, and comic conventions all around the country...and now you can find out how to join them.

Superhero Yoga

Join Gray Lane Yoga on the 1st floor to get your body ready to make it through the fun of RodCon 23.

Music of Video Games

Graduate music student and pianist Heather Gillis will perform piano music from video games, as a project of the newly launched Ludomusicology course with Dr. Alison Altstatt. Heather will present contextual information to experience the music in a new way and invites gamers, music enthusiasts, and anyone else to join in a popular interest.

Duck Hunting

Hidden among the inside and outside of the library you will find superhero and supervillain ducks.  Find a duck, and bring it to the Library Services desk for a sweet treat and a chance for larger prizes!

Tarot Readings

Stop by the third-floor lounge for a glimpse into the unknown. Local divination experts will be on hand to provide readings at no cost (though tips are welcome and appreciated!). Visit with Mama Mage offering Lenormand and bone readings 10 a.m. to 12 p.m., and Jennifer Roberts offering tarot and palm readings 12 to 4 p.m.

Photos with your SuperHeroes

Join in with the 501st Central Garrison and Cedar Rapids Ultimate Super Heroes  for a photo opportunity with your favorite characters.  Cedar Rapids Ultimate Super Heroes will be accepting a free will donation to support the Cedar Bend Humane Society.  For a list of desired items for the Cedar Bend Humane Society see their wish list.