Super Sidekick School

To complement the art exhibit, Art Education students will host an interactive learning activity where youth can learn about caring for a pet through a short series of activities to show that they can be superhero pet owners and create their own sidekick! The Humane Society will be upstairs with a Super Pet for kids to meet after completing their training! 

Tarot, Palm Readings, Runes, and More

Stop by the third floor lounge for a glimpse into the unknown. Local divination experts will be on hand to provide readings at no cost (though tips are welcome and appreciated!). Visit with Brittany Houle offering rune and oracle readings 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Mama Mage offering Lenormand and bone readings 1 to 4 p.m.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Poems and Stories Reading

A presentation of science fiction, fantasy, and horror poems and stories by students in the English class “Speculative Poetry and Fiction.” 

So You  Want to Be a Stormtrooper?

We’ve all seen Star Wars...and you’ve probably wondered, “What if I could be a part of it?” A long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away, a group of fans got together and started one of the largest fan groups the world has ever seen. You’ve probably seen members of the 501st at movie premieres, festivals, and comic conventions all around the country...and now you can find out how to join them.

UNI Bacteria De Samba

Members of the UNI Bateria de Samba will welcome our RodCon visitors into the library with some lively music! UNI Bateria de Samba is a music performance club for those enrolled in Brazilian Samba Drum Ensemble (MUS ENS 1120). Their mission is to study the art of Samba from many different regions across Brazil. They are currently looking for new members to enroll for Fall 2024. All are encouraged to join, and no previous music experience is required. Contact for more information.

UNI Carillon Concert

Step outside to hear the carillon bells ring out at a noon concert by members of the UNI Guild of Carillonneurs. This is a student group committed to preserving and enhancing the tradition of carillon music on UNI’s campus. This student-led group is responsible for playing the carillon instrument housed in the UNI Campanile, as well as facilitating tours of the historic 1926 structure and promoting carillon music to the campus and Cedar Valley communities. For more information, visit

UNI Pep Band

Members of the UNI Pep Band will warm up the RodCon crowd with some pop culture and geek-inspired music. Cheer them on, sing along and enjoy! Visit for more information on pep bands and other bands at UNI.

UNI Swordfighting

See the UNI Swordfighting Club (Belegarth Medieval Society) to learn this full contact, fun, easy-to-learn game of medieval/fantasy style combat using foam padded weapons starting at noon on the Northwest side of the library, outside