RodCon: Rod Library's Mini Comic Book Convention


Curricular Involvement

RodCon aims to provide an engaging, dynamic event that celebrates comic books, pop culture, and their contributions to academia and literacy. RodCon creates a welcoming forum where the community and visitors to our community can discuss and celebrate issues of race, gender, sexuality, and equality as they pertain to popular culture, all while creating a fun and engaging space for children of all ages.  Every year RodCon chooses a theme surrounding social justice and how pop culture mirrors the world in which we live.  

Ways to get involved in RodCon:

  • Panel presentations- share your expertise about a pop culture topic
  • Stage event
  • Kid Zone Activity
  • Research presentations
  • Art/Fashion show
  • Lesson Plan implementation 
  • Theater/costume/makeup
  • Literature circles
  • Educational Breakouts

RodCon is an opportunity to enhance your courses in empowerment, creativity, inclusivity, advocacy, and preparing your students for their futures with real-world experiences.  RodCon 2022's theme is "Love and Inclusion."  This year speaker Gabby Rivera will be on campus Thursday, April 7, 2022. Rivera unpacks how she navigates the world as a queer, Latinx, millennial woman, how she incorporates her heritage into her writing, strives to be a thoughtful ally for others, and celebrates the healing power of community.

What could that look like in the curriculum?  

  • Participate in book clubs- in English and Spanish
  • Read our speakers book/graphic novels- use them in class
  • Attending activities 
  • Adding the speaking engagement to your syllabus
  • Media projects- digital or physical
  • Advocacy Activism projects

If you would like to brainstorm further, contact us at