RodCon: Rod Library's Mini Comic Book Convention


We are so excited to welcome Kat Leyh and Clara Meath to RodCon this year as representatives on the Women in Comic Book Industry panel. 

Women in the Comic Book Industry

Kat Leyh is a freelance comic book artist and writer currently living in Chicago, IL. Her series Supercakes and Bird Witch are available in print form through Yeti Press. She has contributed back-up stories to the following BOOM! and KaBOOM! books: Adventure Time #33-34; Bravest Warriors #26-28,35-36; Bravest Warriors Impossibear Special; Bravest Warriors Paralyzed Horse Special;Munchkin #21; Adventure Time Comics #1. As well as covers for Marceline Gone Adrift #2Lumberjanes#10, Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems #1-4; Goldie Vance #1 ECCC exclusive; Goldie Vance #8-9; Coady and the Creepies #1-4. She's been the co-writer of  Lumberjanes since issue 18 and cover artist since issue 24. The best way to see what she's up to is to follow her Tumblr and Twitter.





Clara Meath is comic book artist and writer living in Minnesota. She earned a degree in Sequential Art from SCAD Atlanta, where she graduated with the honor of Valedictorian in 2016. Her work has appeared in the ‘Tellos Anthology’ and she draws ‘Shadow Play’ for Scout Comics. Her credits also include three self-published short comics—‘Swamplights’, ‘The Lowermost’, and “Edgar Allan Poe’s The Conqueror Worm’. You can follow her work on Instagram, Facebook, and Behance, or purchase prints and other artwork from her online store, Comics and Art by Clara Meath






More Speakers and Panelists

Joyce Boss will be leading the discussion on Go Go Godzilla:  How a Mythical Movie Monster Became an International Phenomenon.   Everyone's favorite nuclear holocaust metaphor is now 65 years old and going strong.  Come learn and share stories about Godzilla's historical and cultural background, cinematic evolution, and enduring fandom.




Join paranormal investigator and author Terry Fisk as we take a walk through the History of Comics.  

Terry Fisk



The Black Panther and Black Excellence session, led by Shuiab Meacham, addresses the manner in which Black culture was used as a resource to accomplish the prodigious economic and artistic success of the Best Picture Nominated and Oscar winning entry of the Marvel Comic franchise. Beginning with director Ryan Coogler's pitch to the Marvel Comic executives, which sought, not to build upon the practices of prior Marvel blockbusters, but asked the surprising question, "What does it mean to be African?" The session will explore the particular elements of excellence which, rooted in Black culture, formed the basis for the massive success of the Black Panther project. This session explores these themes within the context of an Iowa landscape in which "Blackness" is viewed almost exclusively as a form of cultural deficit and pathology.