RodCon: Rod Library's Mini Comic Book Convention



So You Want to be a Stormtrooper? 

We’ve all seen Star Wars...and you’ve probably wondered, “What if I could be a part of it?” A long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away, a group of fans got together and started one of the largest fan groups the world has ever seen. You’ve probably seen members of the 501st at movie premieres, festivals, and comic conventions all around the country...and now you can find out how to join them. 

Comic Books: Amazing Tools for Comprehension

He wasn't always a comic book reader.  In fact, TJ Warren didn't fully read comic books until he was in college.  His very first full comic book storyline was read on a ferry ride across the Irish Sea during a UNI Glee Club tour.  Little did he know comic books would change his life and the way he would read forever.  Join TJ Warren as he shares his journey as a major Superman fan and avid reader of comic books.  He'll talk about his love for Superman, why the world needs superheroes, and the amazing role comic books can play in helping people (especially young people) comprehend.

TJ Warren is an Assistant Director of Career Services at the University of Northern Iowa.  In addition to his work at UNI, TJ coaches, speaks, writes, and facilitates workshops.  His main areas of interest are helping people find their purpose (TJ believes many actually reflect on their purpose through various forms of pop culture, including comic books and movies).  When he's not working, TJ enjoys drawing, spending time with his family, playing board games with his friends, and catching the latest superhero movie.  

How to Cheat Like an Artist

Ultimate Guide: How to Cheat Like an Artist (Or Why You Should Never Draw From Imagination).  Learn the dark art magic, signing pacts with art demons, and summoning art elder gods to obtain the power of an art god.

Fantasy and Science Fiction Poetry with Vince Gotera

A presentation of contemporary fantasy, science fiction, and horror poetry, as reflected in Star*Line, the print journal of the International Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association.  Vince Gotera is the editor of Star*Line.

Hacking the Game

Rolling dice can add excitement and unpredictability to a game. But to someone who understands the dice, there can be a pattern to the chaos. In this talk, we’ll look at how likely various outcomes of dice rolls are, and how we can use that to make better decisions in games like Catan and Star Wars: Rebellion. We’ll end the session by discussing optimizing Dungeons and Dragons characters.