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RodCon: Rod Library's Mini Comic Book Convention

Rod-Con 2017
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Dr Trek

Author, interviewer, host, archivist, producer, voiceover, actor…and fan: Larry Nemecek has a background in news and theatre, but it is “Trekland” where he’s worked ever since his bestselling “Next Generation” Companion became a classic. An historian/ pundit for Trek DVDs and a convention guest worldwide, Larry has now launched the pioneering PORTAL 47 deep-dive experience for Trek fans as it turns 50, taking them where no savvy fan has gone before.

And now thousands of fans worldwide know him chiefly for portraying Dr. McCoy in the first two episodes of award-winning indie web series Star Trek Continues, where he remains Creative Consultant….even though he’s written his “Fistful of Data” column in the UK Star Trek Magazine since 1998, now in the US.

Here at “Trekland” HQ you can find the best of Larry’s behind-the-scenes experiences and “canon-keeping”: the blog and vidchat guests, and his “Trekland On Speaker” remastered interview CDs that bridge Star Trek old and new—as does his documentary project, the 1982 meltdown-turned-miracle The Con of Wrath now wrapping up. He also speaks to fans and celebs for the non-profit “Enterprise in Space” science/sci-fi homage and grassroots space orbiter mission, sending 100+ worldwide student projects and AI/aerospace demos aloft in 2019.

Before the new hit Star Trek: Stellar Cartography maps/book set came from Amazon in 2013, he also worked on the storied “Star Trek: The Experience” in Las Vegas and Star Trek world tours, was managing editor of the official Communicator magazine 1998-2005—plus the entire original worldwide run of the Star Trek Fact Files from the UK to Japan. He’s also a two-time co-winner of state Associated Press news awards… and still has his first Star Trek T-shirt.


Storyboards: Planning Your Idea 

Storyboarding is part of the Pre-Production process of any Film, Television show, or Video Game.  It is like the visual blue-print for what you want to make.  Adam Van Wyk will be sharing the brainstorming process, demonstrating how to pitch a board, and comparing storyboards to the final product of animation like Tom and Jerry, Batman, Epic, Minions and The Secret Life of Pets.

So You Want to be a Stormtrooper?

We've all seen Star Wars...and you've probably wondered, "What if I could be a part of it?" A long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away, a group of fans got together and started one of the largest fan groups the world has ever seen.  You've probably seen members of the 501st at movie premiers, festivals, and comic conventions all around the country...and now you can find out how to join them.  


Dr Nathan Bird and The Evolution and Superpowers: Where are all the X-Men?

The X-Men are a diverse assemblage of characters, each with their own unique power. What makes them so different from other characters in the pantheon of superheroes is that nearly all of their powers are said to be generated through genetic mutation, centered around the mysterious ‘X-Gene’. These mutations are said to represent the next stage of human evolution. But is this how evolution really works? Could activation of a single gene really create X-Men, and are they already among us? In my talk, we’ll explore the types of powers seen in the X-Men, and discover what is possible and what is fantasy (at least for now!).