RodCon: Rod Library's Mini Comic Book Convention



Live on the Main Stage

ACS Demo                                            

Join the Hogwarts Potions Class for a “Demonstration of Magical Proportions!” See color-changing solutions and other astounding spells produced by the Wizards from the student affiliates of the American Chemical Society (ACS). 

The Magic of Superheroes by The Amazing Zeon

Be prepared to be filled with awe and wonder while witnessing the magical stylings of The Amazing Zeon. This all-ages magic show will take place on the stage at 1 pm, following the kid’s costume contest.

Kids/Teen Costume Contest                                       

Come and strut your stuff on the catwalk for fabulous prizes. Attention! This contest has two categories 10& under and 11-17. Anyone wearing anything extremely risqué, overly gory, or a costume deemed inappropriate by our staff will be asked to leave or change. 

Social Nonsense                                     

Join the multi-talented UNI professor Doug Shaw as he takes us through a series of writing, drawing, and storytelling games designed to enhance our creativity and engage our family and friends as discussed in his new book, Social Nonsense: Creative Diversions for Two or More  Players - Anytime, Anywhere. Books will be available to purchase.  This event is free, appropriate for ages 11 and up, and open to the public!

Adult Costume Contest                                  

Wearing a costume makes it a more fun day for all! We encourage you to dress as your favorite comic book/anime/manga/sci-fi/movie/game/series character!  There will be 2 categories Adults 18 and up and Group.  Attention! The Comic-Con and costume contest is an ALL AGES event. Anyone wearing anything extremely risqué, overly gory, or a costume deemed inappropriate by our staff will be asked to leave or change. 

Third Floor

Tarot, Palm Readings, Runes, and More                                                                

Stop by the third-floor lounge for a glimpse into the unknown. Local divination experts will be on hand to provide readings at no cost (though tips are welcome and appreciated!). Visit with The Alien Oracle reading runes from 10:00 a.m. to 1 p.m., Tarot by Fae reading tarot from 10:00 a.m. to 1 p.m., Mama Mage, Crystal Waltz offering various divination systems from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m., Readings by Yeya offering tarot and palm readings and Tarot by Starfire from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.

Roll for Shoes

A tongue-in-cheek, micro-system role-playing game for any experience level. Sessions will take between 90 minutes and 2 hours. Ages 13+. There are six spots available per session.  Walk-in spots are first-come, first-served!

D & D Character Building

Join the Holmes Jr. High Dungeons & Dragons club for character building and a short adventure.

Speakers and Panels




UNI Pep Band

Join the UNI Pep Band from 9:30-10:00 as they provide the musical prelude to RodCon 2022.  

Songs from the UNI Guild of Carillonneurs

The UNI Guild of Carillonneurs is a student-governed organization founded in 2014 that aims to spread the music, history, and tradition of the Campanile to anyone who wants to listen. They have created on-campus events such as their annual Campaniling concert during Homecoming week, a community Easter Egg hunt, and a Halloween concert. They have had the privilege to take informative trips to visit other carillons and carillonneurs, including at Iowa State University and the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Recently, the Guild was invited to perform in a global world premiere by Ellen Lindquist for the 2019 Nordic Music Days Festival. Find the Guild at or @UNICampanile on Twitter. (They accept song requests!)

UNI Swordfighting

See the UNI Swordfighting Club (Belegarth Medieval Society) and learn this full-contact, fun, easy-to-learn game of medieval/fantasy-style combat using foam-padded weapons.  Outside on the north side of the Library.

Into the Evening

Superhero Drag Show 8:00 pm, Maucker Union Coffee House

Not ready for the fun to end?  Take a break after RodCon to grab some food and do some shopping on Main Street or College Hill. After that, come back to UNI for a superhero-themed Dragaganza hosted by UNI Proud, and sponsored by UNI Gender and Sexuality Services.  Please note: this Drag Show is intended for ages 16+.  A pre-show Drag 101 panel will be held at 6:00 pm in the Center for Multicultural Education classroom 109P, located on the upper level of Maucker Union.