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RodCon: Rod Library's Mini Comic Book Convention

costume contest
Rod-Con 2017
Kids Zone


Wearing a costume makes it a more fun day for all! We encourage you to dress as your favorite comic book/anime/manga/sci-fi/movie/game/series character!  

RodCon is a family-friendly event;  join us for crafts and other activities in the Kids Zone!

We're hosting a variety of events around the Cedar Valley prior to the big day...learn more here!

Our panel sessions allow you to learn from experts in the field!

​The Book Bistro will be open at 11 for Rod Con offering soups, sandwiches, beverages, and snacks. Check out the menu here. Other on campus open during Rod will be the 23rd Street Market which is just a short walk from the library.

Explore our Exhibition Floor in the Rod Library Learning Commons; a wide variety of comic and fantasy art and merchandise will be on display.

Throughout the day, you can view various demonstrations and displays from the UNI Swordfighting Club and the Society for Creative Anachronism. Weather permitting they will be held on the north side of the library.  If weather is uncooperative, they will be on the first floor of the Rod near the main stairwell.

Let the competition begin!  These are individual events (some leniency will be given for children who wish to participate with their caregiver)

Test your Disney Trivia knowledge at 10:00 in room 378

Test your Classic Star Trek knowledge at 11:00 in room 378

Test your Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV Series) knowledge at 12:00 in room 378

Test your Doctor Who (New Series) knowledge at 1:00 in room 378

Prizes will be awarded to winners from each group.  


We will have 2 identical escape rooms operating during RodCon.  To pre-register just click on the link.  There will be slots available for groups to register on the day of the event as well.  We can't wait for you to try to outwit the game master.